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If you have any questions not addressed here, simply contact us and we will be happy to answer!

  Do you offer a secure file portal, to share files with my clients?
  So, I can use my own business domain name?
  How do I get my own domain name?
  What choices to I have for email?
  What if I get stuck and need help?
  Do I have to sign a full year (or longer) contract?
  Ah-ha! You will probably just raise prices every year, won’t you?
  What exactly is this system?
  Big deal. I can do that myself.
  How does this work?
  Do you handle backups and software updates?
  Do you guys have terms and conditions and policies and all that other boring stuff?

Q:  Do you offer a secure file portal, to share files with my clients?

Our philosophy is “integrate rather than invent”, when that is a better answer for you. We can give you a very simple, easy way to incorporate any of the many well-known and robust secure file portal solutions into your website. This saves you money and does not lock you into a specific service. Contact us if you have any questions; we are happy to help!

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Q: So, I can use my own business domain name?

Yes! Your website will be a completely stand-alone entity and look like you paid for custom website development.

Without getting into the gorpy technical discussion about how this works, trust us that we have this down to a simple, robust solution. We leverage Amazon’s world-class web traffic routing system, to create a set of dedicated nameservers that marry the website you create here with your business domain name. So, when someone types bigbillsaccounting.com into their browser, they are going to see that URL in the address bar consistently, and the website work just as if it was created by a team of programmers especially for your business. We’ve got the magic worked out, and we make it easy for you.

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Q: How do I get my own domain name?

In the future, we are going to add domain reselling services, here. For now however, you need to go to a domain registrar and pick out and register your domain name. We typically use either godaddy.com or namecheap.com, to register our own domain names. It’s a very easy process…search out and select your domain name then pay them for a yearly registration. Once you have your domain name simply open a help ticket and we will do the wiring for you and let you know how to update your domain registration record with our custom nameservers, to finalize the mapping.

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Q: What choices to I have for email?

You have three basic choices when it comes to email. First, we are happy to provide a single email address that uses your domain name (e.g. “taxguy@mydomain.com”). Additional email address are available, but would incur an additional nominal monthly charge. Second, you can certainly retain your existing email address and use that with your new website. Third, we can integrate any other email service you decide to use (e.g. Google apps). Just let us know what you would like to do and we will make it happen!

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Q: What if I get stuck and need help?

We understand that ease of consumption is critical to our success.

One of the reasons we spent so much time sweating the details and assuring that the user interface for building a website was as simple as possible, was to make the requirement that “professional help” would immensely reduced, if not eliminated. However, we completely understand that sometimes a helping hand is needed – and we are here for you. Although at this time we are very much in startup mode and do not yet have a staff of support people, rest assured that if you submit a request through our excellent help ticket system we will respond right away. Of course, if we ever need to discuss directly with you over the phone we will make that happen, too.

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Q:  Do I have to sign a full year (or longer) contract?

We will never ask you to sign a contract.

Our business model is based on the idea that simple is better. We will never ask you to sign a contract. We use a very simple monthly billing process, and you are free to cancel at any time. We are confident enough in our offering that we don’t need the leverage of a long term contract. Our goal is to keep you happy!

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Q:  Ah-ha! You will probably just raise prices every year, won’t you?

No! As a matter of fact, you have a lifetime rate lock guarantee.

We firmly believe that as we add clients and scale up this offering, our general engineering overhead ratio will go down. We also believe that the way to grow revenue is to grow our client base, not treat customers as though they are beholden to us and we can raise prices at will. As long as you remain a customer in good standing, meaning you pay your monthly subscription fee on time and don’t let payment lapse for more than 30 days — then we will honor that commitment and promise to never raise your monthly price, even if our base offering price has gone up for new customers. Unlike many businesses we value long term relationships and respect long term clients!

The only time your monthly price may increase is if your email service (including the one we partner with) has a price increase or if you decide to purchase a new product from us, when we add new product offerings to our menu. For the full details please see our terms page.

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Q:  What exactly is this system?

This system is based on the extremely powerful and reliable WordPress platform.

We don’t hide the fact that we are built on top of WordPress, but we do provide a unique “wrapper” around WordPress that takes all the complexity out and presents you with an easy-to-use, flexible way to get a website up and running for your business, quickly.  When we say “quickly” we mean it.  It takes literally under 15 minutes from sign-up to “omg..I have a website”.  As of this writing, WordPress is on track to be powering over 50% of the websites around the world.  Companies like ESPN, Time, Sony Music – and millions of others have built key portions of their web-facing brand on top of WordPress.  For us, there is no other choice — we love it, we live it and we leverage it to do amazing things for you.

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Q:  Big deal. I can do that myself.

Well…it kind of is a big deal.  We don’t simply use standard WordPress themes.  Each theme here has been custom engineered to work with our website generation system, and each contains proprietary design features.  If you have ever attempted to create your own website using WordPress (or any of the other site-builder solutions), you realize that they are essentially a bag of tools for you to use.  Even an experienced website designer can take 20-40 hours working in WordPress, with a commercially available (or free) theme, just to get the site to look the way the customer wants it to.  Also, if you have worked with WordPress at all you know two things are true:  (1) themes end up not being supported, and will suddenly fail when a new WordPress code update occurs.  The theme designer is long gone and you are left with a broken site; and (2) trying to move to a new theme is an exercise in futility.  You end up having to re-do all of your work.

We eliminate all of these issues with our Creation Engine.  We adhere to the discipline of 100% separation of code, content and design.  Our themes work seamlessly within our system; you can switch themes at any time without losing any of your content, and our themes are designed with a “mobile first” mentality — meaning that the new generations of digital natives who look to their smart phones first (and often!), will have an awesome user experience with your website.

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Q:  How does this work?

The way this works is very simple:

  • Create an account.  A trial account is good for 30 days and is completely free.  We do not ask for any credit card information.
  • Log into your account, then log into your dedicated site dashboard.  There, fill out your business profile.  This includes things like your business name, address, phone numbers, etc.
  • On that dashboard is a section called “Services PageBuilder”.  This is very powerful.  It contains a menu of services your business may offer, which you can choose from.  Those that you select end up being part of your business website.  This way, dozens of pages of critical information about your business and what you offer is automatically constructed and integrated into your site.  If you have any special services that you offer which are not represented on the menu of available services, we can add those for you!
  • The other pages of your site are also automatically constructed — and you can modify the content of those pages if you wish to, using our powerful editor.
  • Fill out your “About” page, which offers a personal description of you, your team (if applicable), and your business.  This is like a mini-resume for your potential clients to review.
  • Pick a theme from our library of mobile-ready, responsive, professional, beautiful themes.  Want to try different themes?  No problem, cycle through them at will — your content will never be lost and will automatically carry to each theme — and will look incredible.
  • Once you decide to become a paying subscriber, simply open a help ticket with the information about your own business domain name — and we will wire your new website directly to that domain name.  Now, when your customers or potential customers put “yourbusiness.com” into their browser, they will see nothing but your website.  No hint of The Site Factory.  It’s all you.
  • We’ll also set you up with a free email addresses, using your business domain name of course.  If you need more email addresses we can provide extras for a small fee.  We will provide instructions regarding how to use your new email system and how to set your mobile phone up with your new email, as well.

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Q: Do you handle backups and software updates?

Yes, we handle all of the hosting workload. We utilize one of the most robust, secure datacenters in the world and we assure that our client sites are backed up daily. We keep the underlying systems and software updated. We also employ technologies to keep everything safe, sound and monitored. You never have to worry about these administrative details; it’s all part of our low monthly price.

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Q:  Do you guys have terms and conditions and policies and all that other boring stuff?

Yeah…we do.

Take a look down at the bottom of the web page here and you’ll find the links for the stuff our lawyer friend made sure we included 🙂

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